Slow Braised Shoulder of Mutton

Slow Braised Shoulder of Mutton
Preparation time :

Cooking time : 6 Hours

Oven Temperature :

Serves :




1 shoulder of mutton on the bone – 2.8 kg approx
1 block (250g) salted butter
8 salted anchovies
Large bunch of oregano (rosemary if you prefer)
Zest of 1 lemon
Black pepper to taste
8 banana shallots
2 bulbs garlic
1 bottle of red wine
1 litre water



Start by softening the butter a little, then cut it into chunks and put in the food processor. Chop the herbs quite finely and add those too. Now the anchovies go in and finally the lemon zest and black pepper. Whizz to a coarse paste – about 20 seconds whizzing will do it.

Slather the paste all over the top of the mutton to a thickness of about 5 mm. Cut the shallots in half lengthways and pop them in a deep roasting tray. Cut the garlic bulbs in half as well and add them. Now any remaining rosemary can go in.

Lay the mutton on top of the shallots and garlic and pour in the bottle of red wine. The liquid should just be touching the bottom of the meat. If not, top up with water.

Now seal the top of the dish with a layer of baking parchment followed by tin foil. Put the tray in a low (140c) oven for 6 hours minimum (overnight at 100c works too).

After 6 hours or so, remove the lid and turn the heat up to 200c to crisp up the crust for 20 minutes. Strain the juices, reduce a little and season and use as a gravy.

Lovely served with braised red cabbage and mashed potatoes with mustard.

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