Scottish Smoked Salmon 100g

Scottish Smoked Salmon 100g

Scottish Smoked Salmon, Great Taste award winner.

is one of Scotland’s few remaining family-owned traditional smokehouses. This fine delicacy has been hand-crafted in their traditional smokehouse nestled on the banks of the River Cree, Scotland, using only the finest fresh Scottish Salmon.

Each fillet is hand-cured with pure kosher salt and then naturally smoked over smouldering oak chips from Scottish whisky casks.

The salmon is fully trimmed by hand to remove the skin and dark meat and then vacuum sealed to capture that 'fresh out of the smoker' taste.


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Based in the heart of the Lake District

YEW TREE FARM, Coniston, Cumbria, LA21 8DP|Telephone: 015394 41433 | 07753 957150|Email: [email protected]