Pickled Red Cabbage

Pickled Red Cabbage
Preparation time : 2-3 hours approx

Cooking time : 30 mins approx

Oven Temperature :

Serves :



1 head of Red Cabbage
2 Star Anise
400ml Red Wine
275ml malt Vinegar
140ml Balsamic Vinegar
5 Bay leaves
10 whole cloves
1tsp whole black peppercorns
1tsp whole pink peppercorns
1 stick cinnamon
5 whole dried red chillies
300g castor sugar
100g coarse sea salt for salting the cabbage


1) Half, quarter and remove stem, slice very finely.
2) Salt the red cabbage well in a colander for 2-3 hours
3) Drain and wash all the salt away
4) Place all the vinegar, wine and sugar in a pan, then reduce by half.
5) Coarsely grind dry ingredients an a pestle and mortar, add to vinegar mix,
Simmer for a further 10 mins.
6) Pass the reduction through a fine sieve and pour onto red cabbage.
7) Place cabbage in a suitable jar and seal the liquor; it should just cover the cabbage.

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