Article by Caroline 'Fat or fallacy'

Article by Caroline 'Fat or fallacy'

Fat or fallacy
Everyone knows that we should eat less meat; it is full of saturated fat.
Isn’t it?
Well the answer is, not always. Yet again it is down to the diet of the animal.
Grass fed beef has ¼ the saturated fat, is 5 times higher in vitamin E and is 10 times higher in beta carotene, than the meat of grain fed beef.
Our nation is plagued with ill health; much of this is to do with modern lifestyles and a modern diet!
In the post war years, we were living off pasture fed meat, vegetables grown from soils full of nutrients, eggs from pasture ranged hens and milk from pasture grazed cows. Many people from this generation have proved to be the healthiest and most resilient individuals we will ever know.
Nowadays animals are reared in a wide range of ways. Generally speaking if you buy beef, pork or poultry from a supermarket, it will have been reared on grain unless stated otherwise.
Essential fatty acids are another casing point, these are ESSENTIAL as we cannot produce them ourselves and we rely upon them for healthy metabolism. Omega 3, can be 2/3rds higher in cattle and beef that are pasture reared. CLA is well known to promote health and fight cancer, obesity and heart disease, cows that graze solely on grassland can produce milk 5 times higher in CLA than cereal fed dairy animals.
The more diverse the pasture the better, Bristol University conducted a study on lambs fed on 3 types of pasture, high moorland, salt marsh and heather moorland. All three results showed higher vitamin E content than plain grass fed animals, however heather moorland was incredibly high.
Always ask your butcher and be careful in the supermarket, just because the packet has a farm’s name on it, or it is ‘prime Aberdeen Angus’ does not guarantee that the animal had a happy life up to its knees in waving grass! The best way of course is to buy direct from the farmer and give them a ‘grilling’ about how their meat is reared!

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