Herdwick Hogget and Mutton

‘Lamb’ is classed as young sheep meat under 1 year old; the animals are still classed as lamb until they have grown their first incisors. This meat is delicate in flavour and tender in texture.

‘Hogget’ is sheep meat between 1-2 years old. This tends to be produced from the slow growing hill breeds as they often do not fatten in time to be classed as lamb. Hogget is delicious and benefits from the tenderness of a relatively young animal along with some of the richer flavour of older sheep meat.

‘Mutton’ is sheep meat over 2 years old, this worthy meat is truly superb when reared on a grass diet, the carcass is dry aged on the bone to mature and tenderise. The meat is rich and deep in flavour.

Herdwick sheep are Lakelands’ native sheep breed; they eat a natural diet of fell grasses and heather.

As Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall said of our meat 'Their Herdwick Hogget is among the finest I have tasted’. Order yours online below:

Click for more detail on this quality rating Herdwick Hogget Boneless Rolled Breast

Herdwick Hogget Boneless Rolled Breast

This is an increasingly popular cut as when cooked long and slow creates an incredible richly flavoured dish. Approx 2 x 600g

Price : £9.25
Click for more detail on this quality rating Herdwick Hogget Kidney

Herdwick Hogget Kidney

Herdwick Lamb offal. 2 in a pack, we suggest 1 portion.

Price : £1.95
Click for more detail on this quality rating Whole Hogget (Lamb) Value Box

Whole Hogget (Lamb) Value Box

This is a truly fantastic offer to buy a whole Herdwick Hogget. The whole Herdwick lamb/hogget will fit in 2 shelves in your freezer (usually). 10-12kg Without box and trim.

Price : £159.50
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